Tuesday, 27 September 2016

South Africa, February 2015, part 4.

After Botlierskop, we stayed in Knysna for the night and then made our way back to the Cape Town area

We went to the very vibrant waterfront area in Knysna where these children were fishing
in the late afternoon sun.

We stayed in the Cambalala Guest House which was exceptionally high standard 
and very modern. The owners are charming and the rooms a very good size
 with good views over the harbour.

Apart from the views - breakfast was excellent.

We drove back to our friends house in time for another spectacular sunset over Gordon's Bay.

Next morning as there was no cloud we went to Table Mountain. Very clever
cable cars that rotate as you go up, so everyone gets a good view.

The view over cape Town is breathtaking. You can see for miles. This is looking north, over the city.

On the top, if you are lucky you see the unofficial mascot of Table Mountain,
a Dassie - or to give it it's proper name a rock hyrax, which is related to the elephant
even though it is only a foot long and furry.

After the mountain, we drove to Franschoek and had lunch at the Kitchen. It is the
restaurant part of a small wine producer. There is a small menu of very high
quality produce and some excellent dishes - many cooked in the wood oven. How
the chefs work close to that oven when the ambient temperature was
38 deg C in the shade, I do not know.

The next day, we drove along the coast road past Gordon's Bay to Cape Hangklip and on to Hermanus.
The drive is stunning.

The purpose of the drive was to visit a wine producer just north of Hermanus called
Creation Wines, a small producer of mainly French varieties but outstanding quality.
They have a tasting menu with about 8 tasting tapas type dishes and 8 of their
wines. Lets just say it was another memorable lunch!
Here you see the vines receiving some attention.

Another view of the coast road on the return journey.

We had seen quite a few groups of baboons but hadn't managed to photograph any.
On the coast road we came across a group in a car park. They are playful but
very destructive and dangerous to get too close.
The baby below had climbed up its mother's tail and back to get on the roof of the
car while mum tried to remove the vent in the door!

Back at our friends we had a BBQ and had this moonset following the exact path of the sunset 10 minutes earlier.

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